Intercultural learning and non-formal education. Reality and future.

Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity. – Robert Alan (American writer, artist and social activist. 1922-1978)

12068648_1507538516212259_3836286436577414911_oLast week I was lucky to spend hours of work and fun with people from 10 different countries. Different personalities, various experiences – what can be a better learning environment?

We all gathered in a nice little village in Mollina (Malaga, Spain) to get more information and share our experiences of work with Erasmus + projects. Working with the topic for quite a long time I still found it so beneficial and priceless to discuss and share things in this multicultural setting. […]

Intercultural communication in action “Does Culture Matter?”

11825721_887195874668678_304118660211936019_nKnowledge and Practice

Studying intercultural communication didn’t make me an expert in this field, but let me clearer understand certain things. But what is giving me the real power is practice!¬†Living in cultural diversity and meeting people from all over the world – isn’t it amazing. I don’t want to take it for granted, I do want to learn from this and gain not only knowledge, but real life experience.¬†Intercultural communication has been always a field of my interest, and this interest caused quite many happy events in my life.

One meeting (but the right one) might be enough to bring an idea to life