Effective Group Work – hands on recommendations.

Group work, whether it’s in a university or at workplace, is one of the things that is expected to bring more fruitful results, than just individual work. And generally teamwork is one of the most important skills that recruitment managers are looking for in potential candidates. So, how to master group work skills already in Read more about Effective Group Work – hands on recommendations.[…]

Online coaching is more than one can imagine!

Working with coaching and mentoring for quite many years I always wanted to include it into one of the long term training projects. And “Does Culture Matter?” international project on intercultural competence development was a great chance to test online coaching in practice.


Why bother?

To run a one week intensive training course is a huge responsibility and demands effort and creativity from the side of a trainer. I always enjoyed working at such trainings. In the end of the week you see inspired people ready to “move walls” when back to their countries and work places. But suddenly, when all are back to reality, the usual routine dominates and seems there’s no time to start doing things differently and keep motivation after the training.

“I have to do something about that!” – this phrase was spinning in my mind. I started questioning my role as a trainer and how I could provide better conditions for participants to continue their learning curve even after the training. Otherwise what’s the point of the work that I do? […]

Career Boot Camp – first edition success!

12027253_1512305362402241_823709602863931553_oOctober and November were fruitful months for Career Boot Campers. Who are they? – Motivated people willing to develop skills and competences to target their market and simply to become more confident and positive in whatever they do.

The interest to this career coaching program was huge, but only six people successfully got on board in the result of the final selection. […]

Intercultural learning and non-formal education. Reality and future.

Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity. – Robert Alan (American writer, artist and social activist. 1922-1978)

12068648_1507538516212259_3836286436577414911_oLast week I was lucky to spend hours of work and fun with people from 10 different countries. Different personalities, various experiences – what can be a better learning environment?

We all gathered in a nice little village in Mollina (Malaga, Spain) to get more information and share our experiences of work with Erasmus + projects. Working with the topic for quite a long time I still found it so beneficial and priceless to discuss and share things in this multicultural setting. […]

Is There Life After Graduation?

Do you have a plan how to nail your dream job or you have no idea what to do after graduation?
Read more and apply for CAREER BOOT CAMP!

Alena talking

I remember my graduation when my thought were “Now what?”. If you are like me and you believe that you could use some guidance, experience and tips when it comes to job hunting and personal improvement then I have something for you.

I call it “Career kick-off – boot camp”!