Is There Life After Graduation?

Do you have a plan how to nail your dream job or you have no idea what to do after graduation?
Read more and apply for CAREER BOOT CAMP!

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I remember my graduation when my thought were “Now what?”. If you are like me and you believe that you could use some guidance, experience and tips when it comes to job hunting and personal improvement then I have something for you.

I call it “Career kick-off – boot camp”!

Years of experience working with students, universities and companies enable me to provide you with practical tips and experiences which will make you more efficient job candidate. You will find out how deep does the hiring rabbit hole go. You will meet people from companies participating in hiring process. You will take part in specially designed practical assignments and much more.

The boot camp consists of 6 meet-ups, once per week.  During the meet-ups we will hold workshops aimed to improve your interview and CV writing skills, contact making and networking and much more. I will select not more than 10 participants for the boot camp – the most motivated ones – in order to make sure that the group dynamic is high and effective. It doesn’t matter which academic background you come from – the experience you will get can be applied cross-field.

During the boot camp we will:


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The registration for the BootCamp is over. Keep reading the blog or follow me on the facebook page for more information and upcoming events.

2 thoughts on “Is There Life After Graduation?

    • Hi Sandy! You don’t have to be a graduate in order to take part in the Career Boot Camp. It is for students, graduates and whoever is interested to develop practical skills and get experience in networking, contact making, etc. Anyone who sees value in it is welcome to apply!

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