Intercultural communication in action “Does Culture Matter?”

11825721_887195874668678_304118660211936019_nKnowledge and Practice

Studying intercultural communication didn’t make me an expert in this field, but let me clearer understand certain things. But what is giving me the real power is practice! Living in cultural diversity and meeting people from all over the world – isn’t it amazing. I don’t want to take it for granted, I do want to learn from this and gain not only knowledge, but real life experience. Intercultural communication has been always a field of my interest, and this interest caused quite many happy events in my life.

One meeting (but the right one) might be enough to bring an idea to life

A year ago I’ve been to a training course on Entrepreneurship held in Romania. Networking is a part of such events, but how often it really “clicks” and brings you not only successful partnership, but a strong friendship?

10926168_886233294764936_2332480124070302041_o“Does culture matter?” is a big project I’m working in now with my dream-team of trainers, Andreea and Sebastian, and twenty five awesome participants from Indonesia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Sweden, Romania and Turkey. And all of it is the result of that “click” that happened a year ago.

From the project idea to its implementation we walked a way of several months, drank lots of tea with milk, travelled Carpatian mountains, built up new friendships and gained (and still gaining) practical experience in intercultural communication.

A bit about the project

Can’t keep myself from sharing with you some more information about this project 🙂 “Does Culture Matter?” involves several trainings on the topic of Intercultural communication and is designed for trainers, coaches, teachers, company representatives, mentors working with culturally diverse groups.

11063858_10153100053667602_5159390345954721875_nThe first one-week training course we held in Romania in August 2015. Now we are running an online coaching programme for our participants, where they continue developing their competences back in their countries and work places. And in November-December 2015 we will have a culture immersion and evaluation training in Bali, Indonesia.

Developing intercultural communication competence is not an easy task – but it’s definitely worth it, as it helps manage daily communication in more effective way, eliminates misunderstandings, develops intercultural awareness and simply makes it fun to interact and work with people coming from different cultures.

11822716_887171154671150_171064604247956690_nBased on the needs of our participants, we developed the trainings covering such areas as:

  • Values and Ethic;
  • Intercultural Communication Competence;
  • Conflict Management
  • Facilitation.

But the most valuable in this project is the learning environment created by the participants coming from different cultures from Europe and Asia.

Some reflections

Personally for me, this project is a great example of how important and fun it is to learn more about different cultures! Here comes the group dynamic, individual needs, values, communication competences, conflict management skills and much more – all these things that often we find hard to manage at work or in our everyday life.

And it’s definitely worth investing your time into intercultural learning, as with such an experience you get the key that can open many doors!

For you, who is curious

You can find out more about the project “Does Culture Matter”, Intercultural communication and much more on our webplatform. And you can follow the Blog of the project participants from Europe and Asia on their journey with intercultural communication.

Interested in Intercultural Communication trainings? Let us know!

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